Tree Folk Farm



It's our continuing mission to become better growers, there is always something new to learn in any craft and our farming methods have improved and will continue to do so. Soil depletion and erosion can be a real issue on farms where production is the first priority. We are a small urban farm growing food for our community, this is where we live and we want to take care of our home first.

We add compost and natural amendments to our soil throughout the year to feed soil organisms that make our plants healthy. Healthy plants make healthy vegetables that better nourish our bodies, taste better, and have a longer shelf life.

Produce is available fresh, order from our webstore to pick up from the farm on Wednesday 5PM-7PM, the Denton Community Market Saturday morning, the Coppell Farmers Market Saturday morning, or Good Local Lakewood market on Sunday morning.

We grow microgreens:



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