Denton, Texas

Urban farm

ecologically growing


fruits, and vegetables

Our passion is growing quality produce and being good stewards of the land. We care about creating value for a thriving local food community, we're not trying to feed the world, just more people in our local.

About Us

Matt and Andrea Gorham began their adventure in the local food movement in 2011, starting Denton's Backyard Farms out of a rent house near the Denton Square. Through trial and error, lots of hands on experience, reading, watching videos, visiting farms, the couple was determined to make their living through small farming. Today on Tree Folk Farm, 1.3 acres across from Hodges Elementary School, Matt and Andrea have a diversified farm operation; A climate controlled mushroom house growing shiitake, oyster, lion's mane and king trumpet mushrooms. Three low till market gardens growing seasonal vegetables and fruit trees, utilizing in house compost from local leaves, mushroom compost, vegetable waste, and animal manure. A mini silvopasture system with a small flock of chickens, a goat, and a variety of fruit trees.

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