urban farming in denton, texas
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Why should all our food come from somewhere else when we can grow it right here? Seeing food growing makes vegetables exciting and fresh food tastes better. It is healthier then something that traveled thousands of miles and suffered transport handling. Local growers are growing for their community and choosing not to put poison on food their customers and friends will put into their bodies. Support local, so we can keep growing local!

Tree Folk is a diversified farm in Denton, TX.

We grow seasonal selections of mushrooms, fruits, and vegetables. We use ecological growing methods which does not include using synthetic fertilizers nor pesticides nor herbicides. We incorporate regenerative agriculture methods where mushroom "waste" becomes compost and mulch for healthy vegetables, fruits and trees.

Find us Saturday morning at the Denton Community Market 9am-1pm and

Saturday evening at the Farmers Branch Market 5pm-8pm

Denton, Texas

Urban farm

ecologically growing


fruits, and vegetables

Tree Folk Farm

Regenerative Agriculture on One Acre